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With roots deep in myth and folklore, our art takes you somewhere that isn't there.
Inspired by nature and magic from Mazovian Forests where all tales begin.
These mystical creations dominated with foxes and fairies who hide deep within the forest, unicorns races along the glen and dragons that rule the skies they will tell you its own story.


All items that we made here are unique, created with true passion, love and care by hand, in our little home studio in Poland.
We are using repurposed and recycled materials to ensure it's as sustainable and earth friendly as can be. This includes the packaging which is mostly reused where possible and is recycled/recyclable.



My name is Anna Kucharska-Królikowska, I'm a true forest lover, artist, illustrator, also Forestry graduated from Poland.

My adventure with painting on wood starts after graduate, while I was working in the Forest. Then I decided to combine art passion with this unique, natural material.

My husband my irreplaceable business partner, helps me with technical, and logistic things, also sometimes he creates :)

We hope that our forest, magical crafts brings a unique, magical atmosphere to your home and soul ♥


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