A few words about Forest Design

Anna Kucharska-Królikowska, forest lover, artist, illustrator, Forestry graduated.

My adventure with painting on wood starts after graduate, while I was working in the Forest. Then I decided to combine art passion with this unique, natural material. It wasn't easy to find my own way, but I think that I did it now, and I love it! :)

I'm inspired by the world of Nature, Wild Places and Woodlands. The Moon and it's magical energy, the changing times of day and year, fairy tales and legends from my child memories ...
All those things gave shape to my forest dreams and a bit of magic and mystery in my works.

My little Son is my big inspiration also. He reminds me about forgotten fairy tales, histories and fantasies ♥
Kajetan, my husband and irreplaceable business partner, joined the team recently :) He helps me a lot of with technical, and logistic things, also sometimes he creates :)

We hope that our forest, magical crafts brings a unique, magical atmosphere to your home and soul. We hope you will smile more often now :) ♥

MAGICAL SHOP: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ForestDesignArt